120,000 more public homes to be supplied by this yearImmersive, digital art shows to enjoy during extended holidayChief justice seat at top court left vacant amid Assembly chaos尹 “국민, 안보 믿음 가졌을 것”…4000명 장병 동원 행진 주관Hospital visits during Chuseok cost up to 50% moreN. Korean envoy vows stronger 'selfS. Korean ambassador says stronger RussiaChief justice seat at top court left vacant amid Assembly chaosNewJeans sings 2023 Lol World Championship anthem민주당 새 원내대표에 친명 홍익표 “이재명과 총선 승리” Samsung Electronics tips Q3 operating profit to plunge 78% on semiconductor losses Samsung Electronics forecasts Q3 rebound NMK to extend support for Korean galleries at six museums abroad LG CNS launches new AI platform for corporate clients Viviz to drop 4th EP ‘Versus’ next month Art Busan's unveils galleries, theme for inaugural fair, Define Seoul 윤 대통령 “중동 리스크 대응, 민생에 전력 다해야” Dawn begins mandatory military service The 2023 Seoul Fantastic Beer Festival [HIT Forum] 'Korea ready to become aerospace powerhouse' 尹 “하마스 무차별 공격 규탄”...척 슈머 등 美 상원 대표단 접견 Trend forecaster Kim Ran [Herald Interview] Monte [New on scene] Kim Chang